September 16th, 2011

Horse sense is what horses have that prevents them from betting on people.



    FINALLY!!! MY NEW WEBSITE!!! I don't know how excited you guys are, but let me tell you, I'm about to bake myself a cake, light the candles and blow it out while singing myself a song. While this may say something less than stellar about my social life, it pretty accurately describes my feelings about finally seeing the results of my long hours of toil on this new website.

     As for updates, I'm sure most of you are simply wondering, "Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?? And where is Kate, too??" . Don't you worry your little noggins, I'm still here. No, I have not been a presence in the Eventing community much this year after coming back from Aiken, but I am in the process of returning. I scrapped my plans of doing a spring CCI*** with Nyls after feeling some discomfort on his part earlier in the spring, and deciding to take the safe path and give him some extra time to heal from his accident last fall. I figure, if MY leg was torn open like that, I would want him to do the same for he could, you know. 


    So, I've been busying myself with my new horse, Ella, who will be tackling her first season of Foxhunting this fall, which means I get to go shopping for lots and lots of tweed! I also have been spending time with my boarder and student Bevin Lexa, who has purchased her first pony through me, and has been making leaps and bounds in her capabilities, while simultaneously teaching her five year old green pony that riding isn't JUST about eating the leaves on the trail.

    I have also been working full time at Braeburn Training Center, exercising race horses for my oldest (seriously) mentor Felix Nuesch. Wow, has that been an education! Not only is it more than entertaining to work for an 80 year old ex-swiss Cavalry-man (also ex-eventer and ex-jockey) who has been breeding, training and riding his own Thoroughbreds for the past 60 years, but it has been VERY educational to ride the many varieties of horses. By that, of course, I mean that I'm learning about pretty much every single type of crazy that is possible in the equine mind.

   Imagine that you fill two buckets tip-top full of water. Pick them up, and pretend they are pulling on you in a forward manner: this is what racehorse mouths feel like. Let me tell you, it makes me appreciate Nyls and Ella at the end of the day, even on their bum days. After riding 6-7 at the track, and my two in the afternoon, can you blame me for not having a social life??

    Nyls is back in full work, and we are getting ready for a few events this fall, an Intermediate as a warmup and hopefully time for an Advanced. We are entered at Morven Horse Trials coming up soon, and I'm super excited to be back in the game. 

 More news soon, so stay tuned...or else....


Try to pretend you don't want to touch this.

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